URO Clean Excel

From the current push button valve to a new Automatic Flush Valve Robust, Water-saving and Economical. Wide range of usage

CLEANLINESS is the “must” for rest rooms in public places like offices, hospitals, restaurants, etc. However, you cannot expect everyone would correctly use push button valve. Now, you can get enough cleanliness with URO Clean Excel to install the current valve. Installation of this automatic flush valve is very easy. No need for plumbing. Public restrooms require toughness, low maintenance cost and high standard of cleanliness. URO Clean Excel – Automatic Flush Valve – satisfies all these requirements.

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Improved to adjust “Water Hammer (Shock)” problem

“Water Hammer (Shock)” has long been a bothering problem in waterworks. You can drastically reduce the burden on waterworks by using URO Clean Excel.

Upgraded restroom with URO Clean Excel

Urinary calculus left on the urinals causes bad smell and dirt. Sometimes it chokes the pipes. Water flush at each usage would sweep such dirt and keep the urinals always clean.

URO Flush Valve

URO Clean Excel promises more comfortable restroom. You can install URO Clean Excel to all type of urinals by using URO flush valve. Renovation and new construction could be done with small cost and short construction time.

More comfortable restroom with easy upgrading

■ Water flushing after every use by internal sensor
■ Always clean urinal
■ Low battery notice
■ Tough and simple body
■ Easy installation without power supply change
■ Automatic flush at every 24 hours
■ Manual button for additional flush

Flush valves to fit URO Clean Excel


Battery Lithium battery (CR-P2)
Sensing Sensing method Reflection of infrared light
Detectable distance Approx. 40 cm or longer (adjustable)
Faucet waiting time 8 sec.
Pre Flushing 2 second or none (adjustable)
Operate only when 120 seconds elapse from the last flusing
Flushing function 5 sec./7 sec. (adjustable)
Maintenance flushing function Flush after 24 hours past from the last flushing for same period as the flushing setting.
Operating water pressure rage Min.0.05MPa(0.5Kgf/cm2)
Max. 0.78MPa(8Kgf/cm2)
Forced operation button When pressing this button once, it flushes same time as the flushing setting.
Malfunction detection indicator When detecting a malfunction for 30 minutes, red LED flushes (once per second)
Battery replacement indicator When detecting battery replacement requirement, red LED flushes (once per second)
When running out of battery, red LED flashes twice par 3 seconds (indicated for 24 hours)
Battery life Approx. 3 years (4000 times per month usage)
Weight Approx. 700 g
Dimensions External dimensions: 76 mm (W) X 84 mm (D) X 120 mm (H)