About us

We are Japanese manufacturer mainly working on ODM/OEM projects.

Our mission for manufacturing is not only “Making products” but also “Built Value with products”.

As a manufacturer we can see value, potential, and utility in daily life of products we produced. We are always considering how we can cooperate to make benefits for customers we serve and we think there is something we can advise from manufacturer side to support customer's strategy.

We believe that customers will be able to take continuous improvement on business and good results by collaborating with the manufacturer who has superior knowledge of products.
Working for customer's success and share in the benefits that’s our pleasure.

Declaration for Well Work Environment

We believe that health of employees for both physical and mental leads their capabilities and potential in maximum.
URO place emphasis on autonomy of employees and think that their spontaneous actions increase productivities, bring good atmosphere, and that leads to growth of the company.

URO makes an effort to create better working environments and acting to follow the health and productivity management under Organization Certification System by METI.

Organization Certification System by METI
*URO Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd. has been certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi as a 2024 Health and Productivity Management Organization (Small and Medium Enterprise Category) for six consecutive years since 2019.
*The Health and Productivity Management Organization Certification System is a system that recognizes corporations that practice particularly excellent health and productivity management, based on efforts to address local health issues and health promotion initiatives which promoted by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.


We have over decades experiences for OEM/ODM business for worldwide markets and our expert team provide solution and support. We understand that some of projects or products still require a little extra support and we’re here to help you achieve a new business project with better performing products, every step of the way.
Please let us know if you have pending projects or products required proposal and enhancement/improvement on its performance. We can support for Product Design, Circuit Design, Programming, Purchasing and Manufacturing, Product Supply Solutions. And it provides solutions you expect.

Telecommunication, TV/CATV Transmission Technology

The first television broadcast began in Germany in 1935 and there have been many changes on technology for television and broadcasting up to now. However, it is still major and necessary method for us to have visual information in our life.
And its signal is transferred ad combined with telephone line, network for Internet, Fiber and Coaxial cable network, supplied to your home in High Frequency Band lately.

URO started business on this Telecommunication, TV/CATV field since 1967 and have been supplying many of product world widely. We are one of the original developing manufacturers for these products, especially Outdoor Passive and Taps especially. We can support development projects, supply products, also provide electrical, mechanical parts including Ferrite and Coil.

Sensor Technology and Water Solutions

As you may aware there are many products controlled by Sensor Technology in our life now a days. For example, in a public place, the door automatically opens when you are entering, in a bathroom, water automatically flow when you put your hands under a faucet’s spout to wash your hands, a touch panel monitor on ATM is activate when you are approaching.
And for some peoples it’s very natural things in their everyday life.
We aspire to provide wellness, efficiency and safety, hygiene for daily life.

Sensor Technology and Water Solutions is another main business for us. And over forty years our experiences on this field. There are many possibilities for Sensor Technology Products and its demands are keep on increasing for future. we support you through a project. We will perform case study, sample evaluation, regulatory tests and productive discussions with our experts as appropriate actions at each project phase. And it builds trust and strong partnership which lead us achieve your goal.