Sensor Products Business

- High performance sensor technology to any usage at any circumstance –

In current society, the drastic improvement of sensor technology expands the range of sensor applications and devices, and creates new markets and products. That makes various sensor technologies used in various daily life scenes. URO creates unique products mainly by using sensor technology as one of the most important technology of mechatronics. Technological development enhances versatility of the technology and create infinite opportunities to create new products in business scenes or daily life. URO collaborates with our customers to produce OEM products from the beginning of the product concept in "Product Planning" stage.

Case of Sensor OEM Products

  • Automatic Faucet (for hand washer, urinal/toilet, All-in-one style/Under counter style)
  • Automatic Soap Dispenser
  • LED Light with Sensor
  • Security Alarm Device
  • RFID Electric Lock
  • Auto Diffuser

Mainly Applicable Technology Fields

  • Ultrasonic Technology
  • Infrared Sensor Technology
  • Wireless and Wireless Device Technology
  • Motor and Gear Technology
  • RFID Technology

House-Brand Products

Unit Components