Our Technology and Products

Using our long-time developed high frequency RF technology and sensor application technology as our core technology, we provide wide range of solution for each stage of production process.

We have delivered wide range of products in wide range of fields, such as passive devices, active devices, plumbing products, life environment products, wireless devices, and RFID application devices.

Aside from the mass production process, on the outsourcing of product planning process and develop and design process, we are challenging to meet customer's needs and to grow with our customers.



  • 電気回路設計
  • センサー回路
  • 高周波パッシブ
  • 高周波アクティブ
  • 無線通信
  • プリント基板設計
  • チョークコイル設計
  • ケース設計
  • 高周波シールド設計
  • 高周波トランス設計
  • 高周波機構設計
  • コネクタ設計
  • 防滴・防水設計
  • 組込み用ソフト開発
  • モーター・ギア設計
  • 梱包設計
  • 高周波トランス
  • 高周波コネクタ部品
  • 高周波測定
  • 海外生産
  • 環境対応
  • 品質管理
  • ダイカスト
  • メッキ
  • 板金
  • 樹脂成型
  • 印刷
  • セラミック焼成
  • 切削加工
  • 海外半導体調達

We meet customers various requests totally.

Experienced staffs support customer's processes, from product planning proposal to mass production supply and after-the-sales service. We have hubs in both Japan and overseas, which have manufacturing, purchasing, engineering functions. We meet customer's various needs by cooperating with proven professional part makers.

Do you have some problems such as:

  • You have a plan to produce house brand products which are now pending.
  • You want to realize own idea, but You wonder if it is technically possible.
  • You look for new suppliers in China, Philippines, or Taiwan.
  • You couldn't find a company which undertakes our production because of the problems with MOQ or costs.
  • Products what you want is never realized.
  • It is needed to increase the number of own house brand products.
  • It is needed to customize some spec of proven products to provide new products flexibly.
  • It is necessary for you to be delivered finished products because parts arrangement management and quality control are burdensome for us.

Characteristics of Our OEM/ODM service

  • Let us know what products you want. We support from planning phase to mass production phase.
  • Modification of existing products is also available.
  • Let us know your problems about transactions with oversea OEM. Our experienced stuffs will advise on case-by-case basis.