Corporate Profile

Corporate Identity

1. To pursue, create, love the genuine article
2. A company to do business with “spirit of gourd”
3. A company which is needed socially, which grows with the society.

Corporate Outline


YEN 90,000,000 (capital stock YEN 280,000,000)

Fiscal Term

10th of January (once a year)

Board Member

CEO & President:Yoshiteru Uro
Director: Shigeru Ishiyama
Direcrot: Toyoji Kurishima


Takako Uro



Business Activity

1. High frequency passive products for CATV,Satellite TV,etc
2. Electronics security systems equipment
3. Sensor operated products
4. TV accessories

Line of Business

1. RF products business sales department:High frequency RF products, TV master antenna devices (MATV, CATV), Transmission devices accessories
2. Sensor operated products business sales department:Specialized safety equipment, Sensor-applied equipment, Sanitarian-related equipment, Optical pickup related products


URO Electrics Hong Kong Co., Ltd., URO Electrics Huizhou Co., Ltd.


Japan Cable Television Association, Japan Cable Television Engineering Association, Funabashi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Funabashi Corporation Association, Funabashi Rinri Corporation Association

Bank of Account

Chiba Bank, Ltd.:Funabashi branch
Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd.:Omori branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation:Ebara branch
Chiba Kogyo Bank,Ltd.:Funabashi branch