RF products business – Classical manufacturer of high frequency transmission –

In 1935, TV broadcasting started in German. Now, TV is essential for our lifestyle. Various development has been made in RF technology of television and business environment, such as enhancement of transmission band, digital terrestrial broadcasting, integration of broadcasting and communication, optical transmission, and diffusion of CATV. We accommodate these advanced technologies, and as a TV broadcasting receiving master antenna devices specialized manufacturer, using high technologies based on high frequency analogue technique to expand our business internationally.

Case of CATV OEM Products


Transmission network and CATV products

Transmission network and CATV products

Mainly Applicable Technology Fields

  • High frequency circuit engineering technique
  • Mechanism design technique for high frequency device (case design, connector design etc.)
  • High frequency measurement technique
  • High frequency parts design (choke coil, high frequency trans etc.)
  • Optical network unit engineering technique
  • Power supply design technique for high frequency