URO Electrical Ind. Co. Ltd. was founded by Yasumasa Uro in 1967 at Ota-ku, Tokyo, under the philosophy "To keep this company on its feet". Thanks of our customers, we've been stayed in business with two main businesses, RF products business and sensor operated products business. We are challenging to make our company robust enough to continue our business for a hundred years or more.

Company has no shape. It is intangible. A company varies depend on the actions of staffs. Ever since this company started, our slogan is "To pursue, create, love genuine article". We'll take over this slogan. Our philosophy is: To develop products which represent our persistency to genuine article with insatiable inquiring mind, and to make our company beloved by staffs with pride and confidence.

The past leads to the present, and the present must lead to the future. Technology advances rapidly, as time goes by. "What is genuine?" We always make this question to ourselves, and we always need to answer to this question through our products and services. In the business process consists of Product planning -> Proposal -> Development -> Production -> Delivery, if those processes aren't genuine, our products will be unrecognized in the market. As an manufacturer, we think it's important to have a persistence to get high market valuation to accomplish a mission to deliver products.

A company must continue to grow. Personal growth is vital to a company's growth. We support personal growth through our business. We educate our staff not only as business person, but through morality in the office. We aim to become attractive human resource creating company, both publically and privately. In URO group's business, all person involved are major players.

CEO & President Yoshiteru Uro